Happy birthday Justin <3

4 years.
The best years of my life.
You know why?
Because I found a kid named Justin Bieber on YouTube.
I wasn't there from the start.
But I was there since his first single.
I just can't believe that he's turning 19 today.
Where did the 16 year old kid go?
All I see now is a grown up talented boy.
Next year he will become a man.
20 years.
I'm gonna cry today.
I'm gonna smile.
Look back at all the music, put cures and videos.
Never say never on repeat.
I freaking love you Justin!
And I have grown up with you and look at us now.
You're bigger and I'm still here with you <3
We can make it trough anything.
Love love love you Kidrauhl <3
And happy 19th birthday :,) <3


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